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Mission to Juarez May 05

  • Juarez
    Our mission trip to Juarez could easily have been measured in smiles. The poverty was overwhelming, but balanced by the beauty of the people we met there. We worked all day Saturday doing construction at the orphanage. We were all WAY out of our comfort zone, but much work was accomplished. Sunday we spent at the water park on Children's Day handing our Operation Christmas Child boxes (10,000!!!) and ministering to thousands of kids and parents at booths. Christ flowed through, and we were blessed. The hardest part of all was when we got home and had to part ways from our new friends. These were some of the most awesome people I had every met. To God be the glory!

If Daddy hadda been cool...

  • If Daddy hadda been cool...he would have made the pros
    Now that I’m 40 and have a family of my own, I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that my dad was boring. The truth is that he was a poorly educated redneck. Nevertheless, he was a good man. Before I was born he did cool things: he was a race car driver and played for a minor league ball team, but, like so many men, after he had children, the cool mojo faded into the wind…. I pray that my cool mojo will prevail. Kelley Vickers aka funkyvick all artwork Copyright 2005 do not reproduce without asking first most of my work is "mixed media" or "assemblege" and these pieces contain collage samples of photos and/or artwork that I mostly found in magazines. These pieces were developed for therapeutic purpose as God has healed me and revealed to me matters regarding relationships. my pieces were not intended for commercial purpose and are not for sale. (just covering my butt regarding copyright issues. Regarding my "sampling" of art here, I assure the original artist/photographers, my inclusion of your work is intended to pay homage to your greatness.

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